Prof. I. Chiorescu
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Our experimental laboratory is located in the C-wing of the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory. The central piece is a dilution refrigerator which together with a superconducting vector magnet allows low temperature studies of magnetic samples in complex magnetic field configurations. The setup is attached to a table fitted with vibration isolators and lowered below the ground level. An important part of our research is working in the nanofabrication facilities located in the FSU campus, at Martech institute (web).

Dilution refrigerator

Manufactured by Leiden Cryogenics (web), it has a cooling power of 1.2 mW at 120 mK and 16 μW at 15 mK. It allows transport measurements in both low and high frequency regimes. 50 GHz cables extend from the room temperature area (photo-left) down to the mixing chamber (the coldest point, photo-right).

Vector magnet

The superconducting magnet is reaching 7T along the vertical axis and 1T on two perpendicular horizontal axis and is placed inside the He dewar along with the dilution fridge.

High-speed electronics

We are using DC and RF pulsing techniques to excite quantum levels of nanostructures, arbitrarily shaped current pulses for fast measurements of the result of an excitation and low-noise voltage amplifiers to pick-up the sample signal. The two photos below show: a RF synthesizer (frequencies <50 GHz), pulse pattern generators of various speeds (330 MHz and 12.5 GHz), an arbitrary waveform generator and a 50GHz bandwidth sampling oscilloscope. Not shown below are voltage amplifiers and various other low frequency lab equipments.



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