Prof. I. Chiorescu
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PI: Dr. Irinel Chiorescu

PhD. 2000: Universite Joseph Fourier, Grenoble, France
2006: Alfred P. Sloan Foundation Research Fellow
2007: NSF CAREER Award

contact: ph (850)-644-1726 (lab 0445) / fax (850)-644-5038/ email

Following a BSc. from UAIC-Iasi, Romania (web) he performes a PhD. on molecular quantum magnets (experiment, web). Then he carries out a 3-year postdoctoral research program at the Delft University of Technology, Netherlands (web) with results in the superconducting quantum computing area. A brief postdoc at Michigan State University (web) follows, where he works on a high-frequency setup to study spin torque devices. Since 2005, he is at FSU - Dept of Physics and affiliated to the NHMFL. The research activities are done both in the FSU campus (nanofabrication facilities, web) and NHMFL (lab location, web).

Teaching: Intermediate and Advanced Lab (3802, 4822), Optics (3424), Physics w/ or w/o Calculus (2049, 2052, 2053), Techniques in Experimental Physics (grad 5846C)
Outreach: SuperNet, Saturday Morning Physics (web)

Graduate students:

Giovanni Franco

BSc. 2012: University of Puerto Rico, USA
Fall 2015: FSU, physics graduate school

phone: office 850-644-xxxx lab 4-0445

Greta Chappell

(working in the group of co-major professor Dr Ryan Baumbach)
BSc. 2012: University of Florida, USA
Fall 2013: FSU, physics graduate school

phone: office 850-644-xxxx

Josiah Cochran

BSc. 2015: LeTourneau University, USA
Fall 2016: FSU, physics graduate school

phone: office 850-644-xxxx lab 4-0445

past QSD-ers:

Guang Yue

(PhD -> postdoc at Urbana)

Aidan Zabalo

(MSc -> PhD at Rutgers)

Matt Martens

(PhD -> postdoc at Berkeley -> physics/robotics education -> industry)

Lei Chen

(PhD -> postdoc at Cornell -> permanent position at SIMIT-Chin. Acad. of Sc.)

Nickolas Groll

(PhD -> postdoc at Argonne -> industry)

Sylvain Bertaina

(postdoc -> permanent position: IM2NP-UMR6242 CNRS, Faculté des Sciences et Techniques, Marseille, France).

Kyle Serniak

(undergraduate -> graduate student at Yale)

Andrei Botu

(MSc): industry

Alan Kuhnle

(BSc), Honorable Mention, Goldwater 2008

Bernadette Cogswell

(BSc), APS-Minority Undergraduate Physics Scholarship 2008